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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Two knife rights bill in 2013 Legislative Session

I just ran a search and found two very important knife rights bills in the 2013 Texas Legislative Session.

HB936 by Rep. Harold Dutton would decriminalize the possession, manufacture, transfer, repair, or sale of switchblade knives in Texas by amending Sections 46.05 (a)(d)(e) of the Penal Code. At the same time, it would reaffirm that switchblade knives could not be brought into the very same areas defined as "no go" areas for CHL holders with weapons.

HB1299 by Rep. Jonathan Stickland is a pre-emption law; it would forbid cities, towns, and Counties from writing anti-knife laws more restrictive than State of Texas knife laws. Again, this normalizes knife laws, and makes them more like gun laws in Texas. For example, Travis County does not get to ban AR-15s, though I'm sure some of the denizens there would like to.

I think everyone who cares about the Second Amendment needs to understand that it pertains to knives also, and they should call their State Representative and State Senator and ask them to get behind these bills.

Also call Reps. Dutton and Stickland (not Strickland) and thank them for filing these bills.

You say you don't know who represents you in the Texas Legislature? Click here to find out who they are, based on your address. All of them have contact websites.

Thank you!

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